Mobile POS Systems in Mauritius

POS Systems have evolved throughout the years. When our software Business Accounting was first launched in 1995, the PCs capabilities were somehow limited. Nowadays, a basic smartphone can perform some operations just like a PC/laptop and even better.

Taking orders via tablets in dine-in restaurants:

With LOG IN POS systems, waiters take client orders via tablets and the kitchen order is directly printed in the kitchen.

  • Unreadable handwriting problem is eliminated
  • No time wasting to note order manually and type it again on the POS
  • More pleasant customer experience when a waiter takes an order using a tablet

Eliminating the use of cumbersome PCs in pharmacies:

Long ago was the time where we needed to have PCs on counters in pharmacies. In our POS System design, elegant tablets are used by pharmacy dispensers on the counter:

  • More elegant and appealing
  • Practically no maintenance. We all know about PCs filled with dust and lizards!
  • No cabling mess
  • More user friendly. Nowadays every people easily manipulate touch screen devices