Inventory / Stock Control

Without proper stock control, many unsuspected errors can creep into your accounts without notice, with a direct influence on your profits.

In practice, when you run a manual system, there are a lot of issues which arise leading to a very difficult stock control situation.

  • No control over the quantity of stock coming in or going out
  • Lack of accountability
  • Uncertainty of price of items for sale
  • Huge amount of red tape to compile reports such as VAT Report, sales statistics, customer statements, reorder list, etc.


Business Accounting software ease your workload through the following features:

  • Generate your stock list report at any point in time. Imagine how convenient it is to know the stock value at any time, and get the breakdown of that value. Hence, you can perform a random stock count whenever you wish to!
  • Our Reorder Assistant module helps you in your re-ordering process by providing you with a list of items which is going out of stock. You can place Purchase Orders / Purchase requisitions to your suppliers right from the Reorder Assistant module.
  • The Transaction Report provides you with valuable information about the sales history of your products.
  • Your VAT Report is generated simply by clicking a button!
  • You can generate a statement of accounts for your customers.
  • Inter-store transfer. If you run multiple outlets or stores, inter store transfers happen every time and then. Our software caters for that requirement.


Our 30+ years of experience in system design will benefit you throughout the implementation phase.

We can assist and advice should you need to create barcodes to tag on your products. We also advise you on the choice of hardware to use for faster results.