Pharmacy Software in Mauritius

Log In POS System for pharmacies
Pharmacy POS System

LOG IN POS Systems enable you to have a total control over the management of your pharmacy.

Key features

Latest technology:

  • Use of elegant tablets as terminals instead of cumbersome PCs
  • Use of ticket printers and laser printers instead of outdated dot matrix printers who use continuous paper.
  • No need to have an old fashioned electronic cash register at your cashier’s desk. Business Accounting has an integrated Cashier Module.
  • No cabling required. Works on WIFI. Internet connection not mandatory.


Remote Access: Check the amount in your till wherever you are

Specific pharmacy requirements: Prescriptions Register. Key in expiry dates.

User friendly: Our software is being used by numerous clients over many years.

Purchases module: Send your Purchase Order to your supplier via email directly through the Business Accounting software.

There is a Reorder Assistant who will give you recommendations what to order.

Dosage label printing: No need to manually write the dosage and other instructions for each drug. Business Accounting allows you to key in the details and the labels are printed automatically.

Debtors / credit sales management: Business Accounting generates detailed statements for you to give to your credit customers.

Reports – Expiry date report, Sales reports, Stock reports, VAT reports…

Various levels of user access (Dispensers, Cashiers, Directors…)


Business Accounting also caters for wholesale pharmacy systems.