Our History

2024: Our software is fully compliant with the MRA E-Invoicing Project. Launching of einvoicingmauritius.com.
Our POS software can now synchronize with access control terminals – Eliminate manual attendance books.

2023: Our POS software now support Mechanic Shops as well as furniture manufacturing companies.

2022: 1. Adding more sophistication/features to our POS Software.
2. Our POS Software for the Mauritian market now caters for one more business model: Parking Lots.

2021: Full commercialization of our Tablet based POS Systems.

2020: The release of the 2020 version of Business Accounting

2019: More business models are supported by Business Accounting namely Credit Union, Petrol Pump Management for Petrol Stations, Duty Free Shop, etc. We also launched our ecommerce software store at https://ecommerce.loginonline.net/

2018: Diversified our POS Solutions to cater for Pharmacy systems.
Participated in Infotech 2018 where we showcased our Business Accounting Point of Sale (POS) System. Consolidation of our customer base.

2017: Continued commercialization of our Business Accounting Point of Sale (POS) System. Participation in Infotech/InnovTech 2017.

2016: Participation in ICT Expo, Infotech Rodrigues & Infotech Mauritius at SVICC – we were in the Innovation Space section. We showcased our Point of Sale (POS), ERP & Accounting Software solutions.

2015: Basic websites for SMEs. Appointment software designed to reduce waiting time.

2014: Increased commercialization of our Business Accounting POS System

2013: Remote access Point of Sale (POS) systems.

2012: Banking-related applications.

2011: Mobile top-up service launched. ICT Excellence Award obtained.

2010: Computerisation of a clinic. Thorough job – 1 year duration.

2008: Introducing netbooks in Mauritius.

2007: UNESCO translation jobs (BPO)

2006: Development of software for Canadian company. Export to Madagascar

2005: PHP/ Mysql Programming
Development of MQB website (www.qb.mu). Hit rate for www.qb.mu is 7 hits per day, with average visit length of 22 minutes.
Online Development of Smartpay Online (smartpay.loginonline.net)

2004: Development of Hotel Room Reservation Software

2004-2005: Web animation tools, and sundry software. Flash and animated graphics on Log In’s website.
Development of a School Time Table software, Dentist/ Doctor Patients’ database software. CRM software

2000-2003: Accounting and Point of Sale systems . During this period, we implemented several accounting and Point of Sale Systems. Setting up of networks for corporate customers.

1998-2000: Setting up a cybercafe. Automation of billing for internet café access. Net2phone calls with automatic billing / dialling. Securing a good customer base for international calls. Launching of Budgetfax – fax via internet project (financed by PRIDE)

1995-2000: Statistical analysis of schools performance at end of year, over several years, and publication in local newspapers.
Development of export market to Madagascar. Sustained import/ export of computer products. Peak export was US$25,000 in 1995

1991-1995: Incorporation of company. Weighbridge Systems for sugar factory industry in Mauritius and Reunion Island.