Take orders on the road!


Mobile POS System

You have salesmen taking orders on the road? No need to continue noting orders on a piece of paper or sending them over Whatsapp!

  1. With LOG IN POS System, your salesmen take orders directly using a tablet.
  2. Once an order is finalized, it appears automatically on the POS Software at the office where they can start preparing the order.
  3. Simultaneously the order is converted into an invoice and is amended if some items are not in stock.
  4. The invoice is approved and finalized!



Huge savings in time when orders are taken live

No need to waste time to manually write all items on the invoice since it is already on the software

You can have live stock figures for the salesmen to propose items which are in stock

The salesmen can suggest a unit price and it should be approved before invoice is printed.

Less risk of misinterpretation of customer orders

Up-to-date debtors / trade receivables computation

Modern approach of doing business using a Mobile POS Solution