LOG IN POS Systems for businesses

The only POS System with powerful Back Office capabilities.

Ideal For:

Fast Food

Waiters take orders via tablets

Kitchen printing

Kitchen Display System

Stock management


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Use tablets as terminals instead of cumbersome PCs.

Expiry Date Report
Prescriptions Register
Psychotropic Drugs Register

Dosage label printing

Automatic Re-Order Mgt

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Mini Market

Fast desk barcode scanning

Print price tags

Visualize markup % easily

Re-order Assistant module

Generates VAT Report

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Retail Shops

Search by code or description

Scan with barcode reader

Thousands of product capacity

Generates VAT Report

Print your own barcodes

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Hardware Shop Quincaillerie

POS System for Hardware Shop in Mauritius

Can cater for thousands of products

Debtors Report

Cater for both barcode and non barcode items

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Supports other business models as well

Wholesalers, Distributors, Cold Storage. Optometrist. Mechanic Shops. Cooperative Credit Union. 


Below are some of the powerful features of LOG IN POS Systems


We supply POS Systems in Mauritius for all types of businesses ranging from supermarkets and restaurants to pharmacies and hardware shops.

Control the amount of goods going in or out of your business.

Log In POS Systems have full back office capabilities

LOG IN POS Systems have powerful back office features up to Statement of Financial Position & Balance Sheet!

Control your business wherever you are

With the power of our POS software, you can view your business figures anywhere in the world!

We have been supporting our clients since 1991 while others went out of business leaving their clients without service.

No need to worry about backup, power interruption and theft when your system runs on the cloud.

LOG IN POS Systems have been designed to run on tablets.
E.g. You can view the amount in your till at any time of the day on your smartphone.

Log In POS System is platform independent

Platform Independent

Our systems work on iOS, Android and Windows. This saves your investment on equipments.

Log In POS Systems have many innovative features


We are recipient of a Research & Innovation award from the Mauritius Research Council. We were the 1st runner up at the ICT Excellence Award 2011

Log In POS Systems provide powerful reporting to take informed decision

Powerful Reporting

Sales Analysis
Debtors Control
VAT Report
Detailed VAT Report
End of Day Closing Report
Profit Reports


Why Log In?

LOG IN is a pioneer IT software company founded in 1991.
We are in the same building since 1991 and we have the same contact number and email address since 1995.

Years In Business