Part 1: Why do you need a POS and Inventory System?

If you are businessmen, then one of your priorities is to increase profits. Running a profitable business entails, for example, ensuring timely product re-ordering, monitoring sales performance, ensuring statutory reports such as VAT are being properly done, tracking debtors efficiently, reducing employee theft, among others. Log In Systems are precisely here to assist you in this process whether you run… Read more »

POS Live Demo!

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Log In's iPOS equipment

Come and meet us at our showroom for a free live demo of Log In POS systems. We have solutions for various business models namely pharmacies, supermarkets, retail shops, restaurants, hardware shops, wholesalers, among others. Log In is a software company since 1991. Call us on 5 778 3848 for more details.

Presentation to Accountants

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Accounting Software Mauritius

A presentation of LOG IN’s Business Accounting software was done on the 15th at the MRC, Ebene. This presentation specifically targeted accountants in Mauritius. Accountants from several accounting firms were present. A map of ERP servers on the island was shown. This is LOG IN’s special approach to Cloud Accounting, where systems are cloud-based, while being non-dependent on the cloud…. Read more »

Our Vision from 2017 onwards: Business Focus.

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Log In's Headquarters on St Jean Road, Q. Bornes

From 2017 onwards, we are focused on businesses. Call it B2B Or let’s say we computerize your business. Or we automate your administrative processes. In whichever way you look at it, the end result is that you should be able to do business better. In short, anything that improves the Ease of Doing Business is in our vision.